ABBA - For Sale



ABBA fans are well known for their committment to their favourite group, and as such - like myself have collected many ABBA items over the years. This site is now allowing such fans to trade their duplicates, or items they no longer need. ABBA fans buying and selling to fellow ABBA fans ... trying to help eliminate the middle man or dealers from buying and hiking up the prices.

To submit an item for sale/trade/swap, send all the details to

To buy an item, or bid on an item - send the Seller the email with the details NOT the site owner (unless I am the one selling of course). It will be the Sellers responsibilty to contact the site owner and provide updates.


All transactions are between the Buyer and Seller. This site is only a host for the adverts, and accepts no responsibilty for transactions that go wrong. There is no recourse if a dispute arises. The site is working on the honesty and intergrity of fellow ABBA fans.

By submitting an advert, the Seller is committing to a binding financial contract, and will not have the same item advertised on any other website or auction/trade venue in hope for a higher bidder.

The Buyer shall be entering a binding financial contract, and will promptly pay the Seller. Postage cost is NOT part of the sale price, and should be negotiated with the Seller.

The site owner has the right to not accept any item at any time for placement on the host site - this includes (but not confined to) requests from businesses, bootlegs, possible dubious Sellers, items of poor quality, bulk buys, non ABBA related material, items freely available globally, and  copyright infringed items.

The site owner has the right to CANCEL or REMOVE any item or the entire site at ANY time, and in doing so discharges the site owner of any responsibilty in any items that may be advertised.

Both Buyer and Seller must act in a responsible ABBA community manner, with no acts that would cause insult or injury to a fellow ABBA member.